Obligatory Bowie post

I think that one of the main reasons the world is losing the plot about Bowie’s death is that he was a massive weirdo, right up to the bitter end.  Same with Lemmy, but substitute catastrophic quantities of substances for space-alien oddness. Both of these men lived their stage personas until they died.

Compare that to someone like Eric Clapton or Paul McCartney.  Despite being, in many ways, more influential and famous, I expect the response will be quite different. Although they had some weird times, McCartney and Clapton are basically pretty boring now.  They live clean in large country houses and pursue lots of hobby projects.  There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it detracts from the heroic mythos that they generated in their early days.

Right up until he died, no-one ever really knew much about Bowie.  He could have been any of his personae, and presumably was. He was a genuine cipher, on whom people could overlay their own ideas. Lemmy was just a lunatic. Both were larger than life and more perfect and complete people than you or I could ever be.

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