Subjective immortality

The morsel: Doing anything new provides the subjective experience of slowing down time.

The source: David Eagleman, neuroscientist. He has many things to commend him:

  1. Excellent name
  2. Researcher in all things brain, especially my pet topic of synaesthesia.
  3. Fiction writer as well as a science educator.
  4. TED speaker
  5. Did I mention he has a great name?

The support: Have you ever noticed that time seems to pass more slowly when travelling? Of course when you get home it feels like time has flown, but my subjective experience of travel has always been that the days are incredibly long and stimulating, especially if I’m somewhere very foreign to me. My theory always was that this was because of the number of non-automatic decisions that have to be made while travelling, but David Eagleman’s theory seems even more accurate. A day overseas feels like a week at work.  A month overseas feels like half a year.

The implication: Do as many novel things as you possibly can and you may (may) live forever.

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