Semi-free FitBit

I recently got a FitBit.  I have something of a weakness for technology (even frivolous technology), and I sometimes do Sporting, so this was a good match.  Even better was that I effectively got it for free after trading in some old games at JB Hi Fi.

Leaving aside for a moment the fact that most of the things that this device does are also done by my phone, and the fact that it’s only of marginal utility as a wristwatch, it’s quite cool.  It feels like very new and basic tech though, I expect much flashier and smoother versions will be out soon. Some of the software is distinctly wonky, which really shouldn’t be the case in something that costs $150+.

The most useful part for me is the sleep monitoring function.  It uses silent, vibrating alarms to wake you, so that your loved ones don’t have to suffer through your perky ring tone at 0530. Even better for the Quantified Self nerd in me, you then can access a log of exactly how badly you slept during the night on your phone.  It’s been honestly enlightening. I’ve always gone to sleep really easily (too easily), but two weeks of data shows me that I usually average around 30 minutes of restless sleep per night. If I want to feel good the next day I need to plan for around 9 hours in bed.

The device tries to convince you that you should get into competitions with your friends to see how many steps you each can take, but frankly that’s not going to happen.

Overall, a decent device.  Probably not worth paying for though unless you’re into endurance sports (especially running) or have a morbid interest in your own sleep.

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