The COVID Diaries #2 – Strange Days

It’s a strange feeling out there at the moment. Everyone is waiting for something to happen and endlessly discussing the various possibilities and ramifications, but… nothing yet. The numbers climb (300ish confirmed infected in Australia) but no-one really knows anyone directly affected. The worst part so far has probably been the old man who Wife saw at the supermarket yesterday, gazing distraught at the shelf where the hand sanitizer used to be. That’s the thing about panic buying – although you may not approve, it’s very hard not to join in if others already have. You don’t want to be the one left without toilet paper.

Since we spent much of the weekend planning what to do if this gets bad, we had a somewhat domestic day today, dealing with the minutiae of moving house. My mood keeps swinging between anxiety edging on despair, and strange elation. The truth is that I actually love it when things go wrong, I find it exciting. But that may not hold if actual suffering is involved.

The kids went to school and kindergarten today, despite all the chatter suggesting that they might close imminently. The State Government has said that it has no immediate plans to close schools, but I doubt that this will last. Many of the private schools are closing in the next day or so, I suspect that the State schools won’t be far behind.

We spoke to the kids yesterday about the possibility of a rather limited and repetitive menu at home over the next few weeks. They took it well, but it may have been too abstract. As an experiment I cooked a simple rice-based meal today to see how they might cope. Big Girl and Little Boy were fine, Little Girl had a gigantic temper tantrum. Her favourite meal is frenched lamb cutlets, and I think she thought they might be available if she whined enough. To be fair she was pretty tired to start with, but this might be a tough adjustment for her. I’m glad that Big Girl modelled some great behaviour.

Tomorrow is another day off for me and Wife (hidden benefits of shift work), and Big Girl is back to school. We’re trying to take each day as it comes and not worry too much (despite our natural planning tendencies). I’m trying to make sure that I call someone every day, so as to keep the social connections going if we’re all isolated.

~ Call your peeps ~ Mentally prepare ~ Stay home if sick ~ Shaken but not stirred ~

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