To be commended

Drinking in hotel bars is to be commended

If it's old world charm you're after, or you simply fancy yourself as being a little bit posh, I highly recommend drinking in hotel bars. To be clear, I'm not referring to the tragically grim bars found in 3-star hotels around the world, filled with dusty bottles of Johnny Walker Red Label. I'm talking about… Continue reading Drinking in hotel bars is to be commended


Medicine = flow

Ultimately, a lot of medicine is about understanding flow. Blood through vessels, air through bronchioles, water across membranes, electrolytes through cellular gates, neurotransmitters across the synaptic cleft. If you can understand the flow, especially if you can gain an instinctive feel for it, a lot of things start to make sense.



People hunger for the heroic. Not the high achiever (necessarily), but the person who can peer behind the veil, if only a little bit, and understand the universe more deeply. We forgive that person anything because they are more than we are. Instead we're stuck with movie stars, athletes and politicians, who we invest with… Continue reading Heroes